Rates and Financial Investment

Coaching appointments are available during traditional business hours, weekends, and evenings. Appointment​s can take place in my office, home visits and web conferencing.

Individual sessions are 50-minutes

$150 per 50-minute session

Partners and Family sessions are 90 minutes

$225 per 90-minute session ($150 per 50-minutes)

One of my primary values is to make coaching affordable and accessible. I offer a sliding fee scale and will work with you to ensure money is not a barrier to obtaining services. Please ask.


Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted. 

Fees covered by many flexible savings accounts. 

Policies And Practices

Confidentiality: Trust is the basis of the coaching alliance. All information shared in the coaching relationship is strictly confidential, unless the client states otherwise in writing, or the law requires information.

Extra Support: Email and/or text support is available between appointments for encouragement. Short phone calls of 10 minutes are available and calls over 10 minutes will be charged at your coaching rate. 


Beyond weather conditions, the cancelation policy is 24 hours to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Canceling or asking to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice will hold you responsible for the full fee of the session, unless I can fill your spot.