Hope specializes in working with clients with or without an ADHD diagnosis, 

and the significant people in their personal and professional lives. 

She provides services that increase personal effectiveness and life satisfaction 

for the adults and young people she coaches.


Understand & Rebuild Relationships

Increase Productivity & Time Management

Improve Memory, Attention, Focus

Structure Educational Curricula to Enhance Learning

Coaching and Consulting available Worldwide via Phone or Zoom

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"I find Hope to be collaborative 

and transparent,

and to bring both support and confidence to our relationship.”


 --Eve DeRooy, LMP, CCST


Hope offers consultations 

for psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, educators, employers, coaches, medical professionals, advocates; 

with challenging ADHD clients 

and situations.

Additionally, she consults with coaches establishing a new private practice or growing and strengthening an existing one.


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The first appointment is a complimentary 30 minute 

discovery session. 

Clients will learn what coaching is, who the coach is, and how coaching can help them.  Coaching opportunities are available during traditional  business hours and some evenings via 

Zoom application.​ 


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We will explore some of the following questions:

1. How do I manage my calendar?

2. How much time do I dedicate to deep work during a typical day?

3. How many breaks do I take during a typical day?

4. How do I cultivate my curiosity?

5. Do I have time for self-reflection during the week?

6. Is my physical workspace setting me up for success?

7. Is my digital workspace setting me up for success?

8. How do I know the work day is over?

… and give focus to:

• Prioritization

• Procrastination/Paralysis

• Calendar Methods for Moving Tasks Forward

• Formula/Techniques for Setting and Staying Accountable to Priorities


ADHD & Other Tales of Executive Dysfunction

90-minute presentation on everything you wished you learned in school about effectively working with ADHD or Executive Dysfunction. Learn what ADHD is and is NOT, all about the interventions of the Three S's; Strategy/Structure/Support, and the Three R's; Restructure, Renegotiate, Redefine, and get a handy pocket guide for working with clients with ADHD. No CE's provided but walloping amounts of immediately implementable information will enable you to optimize outcomes with clients who have ADHD or executive 

function issues. 

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